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Anyone Can Be a Novelist is a writing resource blog for aspiring authors and authors who are looking for tips and help in the areas of Marketing and promotion. Here you will find more on our sections and features.


WTAT are featured blog posts with resources and tips on how to help new and established author promote and expand their reader ship.


Every Friday we will launch a new writing challenge to spur your creative juices. Here is information on both writing challenges



This Bi-Weekly Challenge encourages the participate to write a very short story (300-word) using as many words from the provided word list. Post your answer within 2 weeks before the next challenge and see who is the voted the BEST of the VERY SHORT STORY


Taking two things that affect someone Phobia (fear of) and Philia (Love of) and writing a humorous 1 to 2 paragraph story of the character is both challenging and fun. One character must be affected both by the Phobia and Philia posted that week. Post your answer within two weeks to see if your are crowned the PHOBIA PHILIA MASTER.



The resources page is a place where you can find links to all of the applications and websites we mention in our blog posts